Life at Miss Hall’sMay 6, 2020

updated Nov 20, 2023

H.E.A.T. — the Hall’s Environmental Action Team

Members of H.E.A.T. dedicate their time to supporting climate action on the local, state, and national levels.

This advocacy-minded group works hard to make sure the “Action” in their name means just that — getting things done. Over the years, they have advanced recycling, conservation, and composting initiatives on the MHS campus, built houses to support the bluebird population at Miss Halls, coordinated with the Student Council on sustainable initiatives, and even grew a community garden!

Last fall, inspired by Greta Thunberg's call for action, members of H.E.A.T. and more than 30 MHS students and MHS adults, participated in the Global Climate Strike rally in downtown Pittsfield. The youth movement calls for the adoption of a Green New Deal, respect and sovereignty of indigenous lands, environmental justice, protection and restoration of biodiversity, and implementation of sustainable agriculture.

H.E.A.T. members also met with local State Senator Adam Hinds this spring to discuss pending statewide climate legislation, and they engaged members of the MHS community in the broader conversation.

“After our meeting with Senator Hinds, we were sent three bills to read over — S2476 (an act to accelerate the transition of cars, trucks and buses to carbon-free power), S2477 (an act setting next-generation climate policy), and S2478 (an act relative to Energy Savings Efficiency (Energy SAVE)),” reports Lucy ’23. “We then met to discuss the bills, after which we proceeded to write a letter to legislators showing our support for the passing of these bills.”

Lucy joined H.E.A.T. because she is very concerned about the state of our climate and environment. “Doing something, even something small, was better than doing nothing,” she adds. “I really enjoyed going to talk with Senator Adam Hinds. It was a great experience. I wish we had been able to do more of that before everything shut down.”